The Phantom time hypothesis is a theory developed by Heribert Illig (born 1947) in 1991, which proposes that there has been a systematic effort to make it appear that periods of history, specifically that of Europe during the Early Middle Ages (AD 614–911) exist, when they do not. Illig believed that this was achieved through the alteration, misrepresentation and forgery of documentary and physical evidence. He claims the presence of Romanesque architecture in the tenth century as evidence that less than half a millennium could have passed since the fall of the Roman Empire, and concludes that the entire Carolingian period, including the person of Charlemagne, is a forgery of medieval chroniclers, more precisely a conspiracy instigated by Otto III and Gerbert d’Aurillac. (Totally not saying this is real. However, interesting, isn’t it?)

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    Medieval conspiracy theories. Love. It.
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    Wow. Conspiracy theory and the middle ages… I’ve never heard of this.
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    The Carolingian period had better have existed! I have written so many dang papers about it, good lord....
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    The answer to WHY THE FUCK WOULD PEOPLE DO THIS? is one conspiracy theorists can never answer.
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    Skeptoid recently covered this (and I thought about posting about it here, during my set on hoaxes). It’s so crazeballs....
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    This is a conspiracy theory that I like because it is ambitious and makes absolutely no sense. Why would a bunch of...
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    I often think about this.
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